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What Is The Best Workout To Get Ready For A Wedding?

You have your venue, your date is set, and you have the top three dresses lined up, but have you figured out what your wedding workout should be? There’s no doubt that you want to look and feel your best on your wedding day.

Whether you have decided on a big church wedding or a smaller more intimate gathering, don’t get stuck thinking that everything should be perfect when you start planning your wedding. Focus on the things you can change to look and feel better. Here are some wedding workout plan tips provided by fitness expert Sarah Louise Rector and health specialist Kimberly Carruthers.

Don’t Start Big

Your wedding workout plan should be small at the beginning to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed. A 10-minute full-body workout is perfect. Once you have the strength and ability to progress, add the workout sessions until you get to one-hour sessions.

Thinking of your wedding workout time as your “me time” helps as well. Besides, the bride workout plan is not only for your body but for your mind. For some accountability, ask your bridesmaids to join your wedding workout.

The bottom line: your workout is your self-care. Be proud of your accomplishments, have a smile at the end of each workout, and thrive on the boost in confidence you get as a result.

Wedding Workout
Wedding Workout

Add Strength Training To Your Cardio Workouts

Your bridal workout plan will often include cardio workouts like dance aerobics, pilates, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and spin classes. Nevertheless, don’t forget to add some strength training exercises since your wedding dress is likely to show your upper body.

You might show your arms and back, so add exercises that tone these two body parts. The way you hold yourself on your wedding day will show off the fabulous dress you chose. Therefore, seek to include the strength training exercises in your wedding fitness plan.

They will give you lean but stronger muscles, perfect for showing off a beautiful and healthy figure with an added sense of elegance.

Work On Your Core

Sculpt your waist with core exercises and add lunges or squats to the wedding workout plan to strengthen your legs. Dance cardio moves, oblique twists, and side plan workouts will protect your body image by toning the curve of your waistline.

Timeline For Your Wedding Fitness Plan

The keys to being successful include being prepared, organized, and aware of your schedule. It is common knowledge that full-body workouts are the most dynamic method of maintaining your shape. Therefore, here is a timeline of nutrition and workout tips that will help you look and feel good when you walk the aisle.

Bride Workout
Bride Workout

Six Months To The Wedding

You want to get a wedding workout that you can maintain and adhere to for the next six months. Also, the best bridal workout plan should range to an hour so that you can incorporate strength and cardio workouts.

Try and focus on a combination of light cardio and moves that tone your body. You can do these exercises every day, but make sure you listen to your body. Additionally, you can decide on the amount of time you want to spend on each exercise.

For instance, you can focus on HIIT workouts for 45 minutes and strengthening for 15 minutes. Or, arrange your 50 minutes wedding fitness plan to incorporate weighted exercise and use the remaining 10 minutes to do cardio.

Whatever option you select, ensure you have some HIIT, pilates, and cardio in your daily wedding workout plan. Cardio can be in the form of a run, a walk, or a jog. Do some strength training after the cardio workouts.

Squats are especially excellent because they work on the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and lower body. DO NOT FORGET YOUR CORE: the straight leg, double leg, and single straight legs stretch together with double straight leg lower lifts, and criss-cross workouts are excellent at toning the core.

Part of your bridal workout plan is eating healthy. Therefore, eliminate sodas, sugars, and white flour products from your diet. Then increase your non-carbonated flat water intake. Add supplements like B complex, amla, probiotics, spirulina, fish oil, and biotin to enhance the health of your nervous system, skin, brain, and hair.

Four Months To The Wedding

Continue with the full-body, cardio, and toning exercises at least four times a week. Add controlled upper body toning exercises using light weights like overhead arm presses. Start to get monthly facials and remove toxins from your body with dry brushing.

Take green juice once a week as an addition to your diet. The vegetable juice will give you extra energy and make your skin glow.

Two Months To The Wedding

This is the time to focus on your stress maintenance practices. So, try some fun cardio workouts like dance cardio to release happy endorphins in your body. Join a dance class or come up with your own moves during your normal 4-day training wedding workout. You can even practice your dance routine for your favorite songs that you plan on having your DJ play at the wedding.

Concerning your diet, eliminate alcohol and increase your green juice intake to five times a week. Get yourself some liver cleansing herbs like beetroot and turmeric as well. Add a massage to your monthly facial and dry brushing bridal workout plan and get plenty of rest.

Wedding Fitness
Wedding Fitness

One Month To The Wedding

Add tai chi or kickboxing to your weekly wedding workout. But don’t overdo it. Just keep working and toning. Then determine your food needs and eat with that in mind. For instance, if you need stamina and strength, eat red meat. Eat plant-based foods if you need to calm your tummy.

One Week To The Wedding

Don’t burn yourself out. So, reduce the workouts to five or four times a week. Switch to yoga to relax if you feel stressed. Take some calcium to help you get some beauty rest and for replenished and healthy-looking skin as well.

Wedding Day

Now that you’ve made it to your day get ready to enjoy your efforts. Remember, a little run or dance cardio will take care of your wedding jitters. Then eat some healthy food like avocado toast to keep your energy high. Enjoy your day!

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