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What Does An Elopement Ceremony Look Like

What Does an Elopement Ceremony Look Like?

Despite it seems that traditional weddings are the only way to celebrate love, some couples choose to get secretly married at the courthouse or elope without telling anyone. Eloping has become a trend these days and is another great option to celebrate a union intimately. This is just one reason why small intimate weddings are better.

What does an elopement ceremony look like? That is up to you and your partner. People choose romantic or interesting locations to get married in a less expensive, yet joyful way.

What Does an Elopement Ceremony Look Like
What Does an Elopement Ceremony Look Like

What’s Elope?

Eloping means to get married secretly, especially without telling families. Technically, elopement definition is related to “running away”; however, in modern times that is not the case. So, what does it mean to elope nowadays? It is more about not having a formal and traditional wedding. Moreover, couples usually inform their families before celebrating their elopement marriage, even if they do not plan to invite them to attend.

What Is Eloping’s Main Reason?

There are several reasons for couples to choose an elopement. Their families not approving the union is one of the most common. As weddings are an occasion for families to get together and celebrate, couples might decide on eloping if they are not receiving genuine approval from either side of the family.

Weddings can be highly stressful and expensive. Therefore, another common reason is that some couples do not have enough funds for a big, traditional wedding. Eloping will give them the opportunity to save money for their future while they reduce stress as well.

Despite this should never be assumed, another reason for couples to elope is that the bride could be pregnant. In such a case, couples might consider there is not enough time to plan a wedding in a traditional fashion, and they prefer an elopement to get married before the baby is born.

What Does an Elopement Ceremony Look Like?

Eloping does not necessarily mean to skip a ceremony or reception to celebrate a marriage. Commonly, couples just decide to have a quieter and more intimate celebration than what is normally seen at traditional weddings.

So, what does an elopement ceremony look like if it is not meant to be a traditional wedding? Although just a few people witness the couple getting married, the ceremony could include traditional aspects too. For example, they may still exchange rings and vows or choose to wear wedding-like clothing. Despite keeping things simple, flowers or decoration could be similar and photographs might be taken as well.

On the other hand, some couples choose to elope to a destination and then return back home to host a small reception with their family and friends. Some people even exchange their vows in this reception in front of their guests, even though they have already done it in a private ceremony first.


What Do Couples Really Want?

What is an elopement if not a personal decision? Each couple has their unique definition of what eloping is and the factors they considered before deciding on it. Whether some choose a quick courthouse wedding, others might choose an intimate beach setting on a beautiful island. Elopements allow you and your partner to forget about taboos and traditions that do not fit your preferences. You are able to choose unique and customized decorations, your own schedules, dress code, or the songs you want for your wedding. Eloping should not be seen negatively, nor done similarly. Couples should follow their own desires and do what really brings them joy. To those for whom classic wedding timing and traditions do not seem to be the right fit, eloping might be an excellent way to celebrate their love.

How Do Couples Plan an Elopement?

Despite elopement marriages might seem quite too simple sometimes, there is always the need for some planning to make sure the ceremony is seamless and legal. It is necessary to contact the local city hall to understand the marriage license requirements and consider that laws depend on the location. To issue a marriage license or conduct a wedding ceremony, some locations will require an appointment, waiting time, and designated witnesses. Keep in mind that couples will also need official IDs and birth certificates. If you are planning a destination elopement, make sure to check local laws before taking your trip.

What Is Eloping Like in Terms of Etiquette?

Registering for gifts is not common among couples who choose to elope; however, they might do it if they have a celebration after their private elopement. It is proper etiquette to send a card or a gift if one of your friends or relatives decided on an elopement. Sending a great gift for the groom or bride is a nice way to share your good wishes. Although they might not invite you to attend, it is still a nice gesture that allows you to extend warm thoughts to the couple.

What Is Eloping
What Is Eloping

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