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Questions To Ask A Wedding DJ

Questions To Ask A Wedding DJ

Selecting the right wedding vendors is important to ensure that you shouldn’t worry on your wedding day  DJ’s are one of the important service providers you will hire for your wedding. They set the right atmosphere for your marriage ceremony as well as being the main source of entertainment at your reception. They should, therefore, be able to understand your guests and play their kind of music. A great DJ should also be able to pick the right wedding dinner music so that your guests can have an ambient atmosphere as they enjoy dinner.

Read on for some key interview questions you can ask prospective DJ’s to determine whether or not they would be suitable for your wedding.

Questions To Ask A Wedding DJ
Questions To Ask A Wedding DJ

Wedding DJ Written Contracts

One sign of a professional DJ is that they would require clients to sign professional contracts covering the event. Contracts are there to protect both parties from failed service delivery and lack of payment. If the DJ does provide contracts, read through it to ensure that it clearly states the deposit amount, services included, overtime fees, breaks during the performance, and penalties for not delivering as promised. Services such as emceeing should be included. The contract should also state what the client needs to provide such as electricity, meals, a place to set up their equipment, etc.

When dealing with an agency remember to ask to meet with the specific DJ that will be playing at your wedding. In case you like a particular wedding DJ, ensure that the contract states that they will be availed for your wedding. If the DJ works for several different agencies as well as independently it should be clear what happens in the case that they double book your wedding date. You want to be sure that you are the priority event for your DJ.

Event Holding Time

Some DJ’s may try to use the scarcity tactic by telling you that another couple wants to book for the same date as yours so you should make a decision quickly to lock in your date. Don’t book a DJ that tries to pressurize you to sign a contract as this is bad business. Professional DJ’s will hold the date for you for a few days to give you time to explore your options and decide whether you want to book with them.

Wedding DJ Work Experience

Find out how many weddings the DJ has done and how long they have been a DJ. While talent is important, nothing beats experience. A DJ that has performed at many weddings knows what to do in case of unprecedented events. They also know what makes weddings memorable and what kind of music goes down well.

Also, find out how many weddings the DJ does a year. The more weddings a DJ does the better their service is likely to be. This is because they get to know the latest trends in the industry. Additionally, a DJ such as Event Synergy in Phoenix that specializes in weddings is likely to provide you with better wedding services than a DJ that does all kinds of events.

Another important question to ask is whether the DJ has played events at the venue where you will have your wedding. It is preferable to book a DJ that has sound knowledge of your venue as they will understand venue limitations in terms of acoustics, security, closing times, etc.

Questions To Ask A Wedding DJ
Questions To Ask A Wedding DJ

How Many Events Does The DJ Do A Day?

Some DJ’s try to pack as many events as possible in a day in order to maximize their income. However, this may lead to substandard service at your event in case the DJ is too tired to perform at his peak. There have been cases whereby DJ got events mixed up and kept calling the couple wrong names.

Factors That Makes the DJ Unique

It is important to find out what the DJ feels makes them unique and different from their competition. Stay away from DJ’s that bash their competition, they should be able to discuss their skills and talents without disparaging their competitors. To further prove their abilities, DJ’s should be able to give you a list of references that you can contact to ask about the DJ’s services.

Music Selection

Find out from the DJ how they keep their music selection up to date. They should be subscribed to a music update service such as TM Century Prime Cuts. The DJ should also allow you to give a list of music you want to be played at the wedding and take out any songs you don’t want to be played. The best DJ’s also allow for crowd suggestions which they add at appropriate times to their mix.

Don’t Be Afraid To Interview Potential DJ’s

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and you must make it as perfect as possible. Do not be afraid to question potential DJ’s in order to find the best one for your wedding.

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