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Parents Entrance Song For Wedding

Parents Entrance Song for Wedding

Your wedding is a special day in your life and you must plan it well. One of the most important factors to consider is your music selection. And that includes everything from the processional music to the tunes at the reception. You also have to consider your parents entrance song for wedding.

Parents Entrance Song for Wedding

Once you have done your research on wedding professionals and selected a DJ, you’ll want to consider the music. This article will go over the songs you need at the wedding for when your parents enter the reception. Chances are both sets of parents will enter with the same song so you’ll want to go with something everyone will like. A wedding tech tip is to communicate with your DJ if you are struggling with song choices.

Simon and Garfunkel – Baby DriverParents Entrance Song for Wedding

If you’re looking for an uptempo number, then this track will not disappoint. It’s a great track to signal that the fun is just about to begin and people can loosen up for the rest of the celebration. This song is a great choice if your parents have always been supportive and loving.

Sly & The Family Stone – Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) 

This song may have an odd title but the message is quite clear. It’s a song that expresses your gratitude to your parents for allowing you to be yourself. The song’s unique bass technique revolutionized the funk genre. It’s a fun song that’s likely to excite the crowd.

Bette Midler – Wind Beneath My Wings

The captivating lyrics in this song with great vocals are great for a parent’s entrance song. With lines such as, “For you are the wind beneath my wings”, it’s a wonderful track to thank the people who raised you.

Miley And Billy Ray Cyrus – Butterfly Fly Away 

This is a duet between a daughter and her father, explaining the challenges of single parenting and how much children need to appreciate good parenting. This is a great song to pick if a single parent raised you.

Kanye West – Hey Mama 

This song, performed by the talented artist, Kanye West, is a tribute to his mom for all the sacrifices she made when raising him in the hood. He expresses his appreciation for the training wheels she bought him for his bike, the chicken soup she made, among other things. This is a great song to play for your parents if they sacrificed to give you a better life.

Keith Urban – A Song for Dad 

There’s a theory that regardless of how we’re different from our parents, we end up emulating their behavior. And most times there’s nothing wrong with that. If your parents molded admirable behavior, you can publicly thank them with this song.

Bottom Line

The songs you choose for your wedding reception will have a significant impact on the overall mood of the evening. Plan early by coming up with a playlist that will guide the DJ or band throughout the day. Ultimately, you want to choose a parents entrance song for wedding that is not only memorable but also special. When wedding planning, don’t forget to put yourself first, and explore some of your own goals.

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