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How To Put Your Business Directly Into The Palm Of Your Buyer’s Hand!

How to put your business directly into the palm of your buyer’s hand!

Put your business directly into the palm buyer’s hand! from Don Richardson

Recently I heard Don Richardson of Digital Popcorn Marketing present his “Top 10 Tips for Mobile Marketing”. The first thing he had us all do was to pull out our phones and look up our business website and share them with the folks around us.

There were many “oohs”, “ahs” and “oh my goshes”. Not too many people were thrilled with what they saw and some were quite pleased and enjoyed showing their website off to others.

Don and I explored the topic in more detail after the event.

Chérie – Do couples expect to view our websites on their phones and tablets?”

Don – Absolutely, 66% of emails were opened on a smart phone or tablet. If you are including links to your website in the emails that you send out, it is extremely important to provide that mobile responsive user experience.

Chérie – What do you see as the true value of your site being mobile responsive?

Don – The real value in having a mobile responsive website is that it pleases the viewer. After all, a business website should generate business, not scare away potential customers.

Chérie – We have found that all of our current customers have smart phones and usually the preferred method of communication is via email or texting. Not a phone call.

Don – In looking at website visitor patterns over a variety of websites, I am seeing 30-50% of the visitors are from smart phone and tablet devices. Where just a year or two ago, it was rare to see the mobile visitor rate over 20% in the ones which I have tracked. Business owners should be checking their website data to see how many of their visitors are using mobile devices.

Chérie – Is it expensive for a business to convert or make their site mobile responsive?

Don – It is dependent on the type of website they have. If they have a WordPress site, they can upgrade to one of the newer themes that is mobile responsive. I suggest looking at a professional theme from StudioPress they are $99.95.

Chérie – What can a local business do to be seen online?

Don – Searches for directions and locations are tops for smart phones. Where am I? Where are you? How did we get here? And of course, where can we get coffee? If your business has a storefront and you expect people to be able to find you, make sure to list your business with Google for Business and Bing Places. There are certainly additional online directories providing local search results that you can add your business listing to as well. Urban Spoon for restaurants, CitySearch, and online YellowPages directories. This is a great start but only a start.

Chérie – Do you have any other thoughts that you could share with us about how to make the most of our time and resources?

Don – Utilize branded email & social media updates to put your business directly into the palm of your buyer’s hand!

Don Richardson is an internet marketing consultant who promotes businesses in the marketplace locally and nationally. Don is a Local Authorized Expert for Constant Contact and speaks to associations and trade groups throughout the Pacific Northwest.

His background is in the event planning industry as a professional chef, event coordinator, logistics coordinator and program director. Don has also worked with national brands on product development, supply chain distribution and procurement. Many small business owners have the desire to grow their own business. They are focused on their specialty or craft and are incredibly talented! We offer advice, guidance and experience focused on each company’s particular goals. Digital Popcorn Marketing features specialized search engine optimization and Internet Marketing Services.

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