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How To Budget For An Intimate Wedding

How Do You Budget for an Intimate Wedding?

Planning a wedding can get anyone insane but it gets crazier when you’re thinking of how you can plan a small wedding. How do you budget for an intimate wedding? If you’re not a fan of using a grand ballroom, inviting too many guests, and spending a lot of cash, then here’s what you can do.

Be Creative, Not Conventional

Planning a small wedding ditches fancy things. Conventional weddings often include catering services, wearing gowns and white attire, and dancing. Weddings on a small budget don’t need such big-ticket items, as tipping wedding vendors alone breaks the bank. Because of the large-scale setup these big ideas provide, they are no good for small wedding ideas on a budget. Breaking traditions is the key on how to plan a small wedding.

Planning a wedding on a small budget involves creativity and uniqueness. Strut down the aisle wearing a simple or colorful dress. Avoid hiring a DJ if you’re not into a lot of partying. Ditch the catering services and food trucks by making a personalized choice such as making a bonfire. Roasting can be more fun than spending money on a fancy wedding cake that only a few people can enjoy. You will want to make sure to hire a photographer or videographer to capture this beautiful moment. Don’t forget to ask your videographer questions about where they are willing to travel in case you go somewhere adventurous. Especially make sure to ask a photographer these questions as well.

Plan a Small Wedding

Trim Down Your Guest List

How long church weddings are depend on several factors, but remember that lengthy ones use common recessional music and are attended by many people. Limit the number of your guests by looking for a low-key location such as a place overlooking a mountain or a sea. You can even have your wedding done in your own backyard. Planning a small wedding requires avoiding a large-scale venue. By selecting a few guests and a private venue, you can plan a small wedding and have more liberty of choosing an off-peak time and keeping food and drink expenses to a minimum.

Invite People You Cherish the Most

How do you budget for an intimate wedding when you invited many people? You simply couldn’t. Having a grand wedding often means throwing a huge event for many people. Plan a small wedding by keeping 10-50 people on your guest list. At the end of the day, what matters when planning a wedding on a small budget is having the people you cherish the most attend your big day.

How to Plan a Small Wedding

Ask Help From Family and Friends

Weddings on a small budget don’t mean you have to do everything alone. Seek the help of your closest friends and family members; they can each contribute to the success of the event. You can tap a friend or relative to take charge of the menu, another for the venue setup, and another for your wardrobe and make-up.

Asking help on how to plan a small wedding from these people will make wedding preparations easier and more fun. Using tech apps for planning can also help you achieve your small wedding ideas on a budget.

Small intimate weddings are better than conventional ones, as you keep things highly personalized while saving a huge deal of money. Breaking free from traditions and being hands-on with your wedding preparations will be an unforgettable and meaningful experience. Now that you know how do you budget for an intimate wedding, stay true to yourself and enjoy the process. After all, pleasing others is not your goal. What matters is that you are happy and contented as you enter your married life.

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