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September 26, 2018 11:49 AM | Cherie Ronning (Administrator)

I asked our Wedding Ghost Blogger to touch on the topic of education in our industry. His thoughts are below - and I agree totally with him!

 Fortunately or unfortunately, the barriers to a career in the wedding industry, for most professionals are pretty low. {hate me later, it truly pained me to say that}.

Talk to any experienced wedding planner, photographer, videographer or DJ and this is EXACTLY what most are saying. I’ve personally seen dozens of ‘wedding planners’ who had fun planning their own wedding, built a website, posted their own wedding photos and ordered business cards online.

The story is similar for many other professions as well.

The heartbreaking news about this actually goes one step farther. There is literally nothing to get in the way of becoming a coach, mentor or educator in many of these fields.

Both novice and experienced wedding professionals alike are falling prey to people who are launching online seminars, retreats and conferences without being an expert in their field. 

So what is the answer to this growing problem? DO YOUR HOMEWORK

Just like we ask couples to do their research on finding the best, most qualified professionals to meet their needs and budget; we need to do the same.  Continuing education is critical to growth and you grow from learning from the best.

Doing your research before investing in your continuing education is only the first step, finishing the course, implementing the steps learned in your courses in small manageable pieces are the best steps to follow.

The last step is to share the professional development and credentials on your website and social media. Educate couples that education, professionalism and experience are important part of the purchase for their wedding day.

Beautifully designed weddings and events are only part of the equation; stressing the advantages of experience, education and relationships can help cut through the clutter.

So, what have you done lately to set yourself and your business apart from your perceived competition? What have you done to help take your business to the next level?

Author, Mark Kingsdorf - Wedding Ghost

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