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Arizona’s Rising Star Wedding DJ

Arizona’s Rising Star Wedding DJ

Arizona’s Rising Star Wedding DJ
Arizona’s Rising Star Wedding DJ

We caught up with one of the top rising stars in the wedding industry in Arizona. Shawn Whittemore is the owner of Event Synergy, which is a boutique entertainment company. Event Synergy provides many popular wedding services but the rave comes from his amazing wedding DJ experiences. 

The company was founded in 1997 and has provided exceptional entertainment and productions for over 2,000 events through 2019.  The goal of Event Synergy is to enhance the guests experience with the right musical feel for the audience attending. Each event will have fantastic sound quality to accommodate the indoor or outdoor space chosen for the event.

Each and every client can expect a high level of customer service with personalized options that will create the correct vibe for the event.  The team at Event Synergy will work tirelessly to ensure that event the tiniest of details will be handled with care and consideration.

Whether you are planning a huge once and lifetime celebration or something smaller you should know that Event Synergy will exceed all expectations and deliver a fabulous experience that you guests will not soon forget!

Let’s discuss the team behind Event Synergy and what makes working with them unique.  First and foremost, the members of the team all care a great deal about the clients. Once you care and become invested you work incredibly hard to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch.

It’s important to work with a team of professionals for any sort of event. Event Synergy team members are highly skilled, well trained and eager to work with each one of our clients.  We spend countless hours preparing for the needs of each and every event so they can fulfill the commitments made to the client.

Each team member will be dressed appropriately in attire that matches the feel and flavor of the event booked.  Each team member will not drink alcohol at your event and will act in a courteous and professional manner. Each team member will work closely with the client and be responsive via email, text and phone.

The team that helps produce Event Synergy events will be quality human beings that understand your needs and be considerate of the efforts required to deliver high quality event productions.

When it comes to planning a fun filled event with great entertainment you will not find a better company.  Event Synergy stays on top of the trends and is always adding new and exciting elements to keep things fresh and exciting for repeat clients.

Arizona’s Rising Star Wedding DJ
Arizona’s Rising Star Wedding DJ

Event Synergy is constantly striving to educate themselves by attending local educational opportunities and national conferences.  The invaluable seminars and networking allows Event Synergy to keep things fresh and exciting while also understanding the modern and ever changing needs of its customers.

You will find that Event Synergy works well with all event suppliers and is a team player when working on large collaborative event productions.  Event Synergy can provide services ranging from a simple DJ set to more complex and dynamic AV installs with screens, projectors, lighting and dramatic effects.  Each and every event is unique and requires a personalized approach to ensure the clients needs are met.  

The team is constantly striving to improve skills and increase offerings in order to keep things fresh and exciting with each new year.  The goal is to always exceed every clients expectations and deliver quality and fresh event experiences.

Event Synergy loves working on a small party for a special 30th birthday celebration!  We also love working with families planning their son and daughter’s special Wedding day!  Event Synergy will be ready to handle each and every detail. The goal is to have the parents and couple enjoy the celebration and let the event professionals take care of them.

The company can also handle large and very detailed corporate productions that require many meetings and detailed inclusions to ensure the ultimate experience for the guests.  

When you are considering entertainment for an event Event Synergy recommends that you meet and discuss those needs with the company directly.  They should be ready to share pictures, videos and accolades from previous events. The content you find on the website should be fresh and interesting.  You should be reading reviews that are recent on not years old so that you know they are actively producing events. Do you research and make sure you connect with other industry suppliers from Wedding Network USA who have worked with the companies you are considering.  You don’t get a second chance to deliver an incredible event for your guests. You want to make sure you do your homework and hire the right company to deliver on your expectations.

When it comes to event productions of any kind, Event Synergy will simply take them to the next level.  The team will come together to hit all the right notes with all of the right “feels” so the guests will have a spectacular time.  They will also make the process easy and seamless from the first call to the end of the celebration. You will find us to be responsive, caring, considerate, energetic, enthusiastic and ready to make your next event an absolute blast.  So when considering us please know that we will work tirelessly to deliver a second to none experience the meets and exceeds all of your hopes and wishes. Event Synergy will be competitive with pricing, fair and honest in their dealings and leave a lasting mark on each and every client.  The moments matter and big or small each one will be met with the same level of care to ensure the highest level of success and greatest customer experience!


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