Congratulations on Your Engagement!

This exciting time for you and your fiance comes with so many questions.  One of the things we pride ourselves on is having amazing vendors who are able to help you navigate all those questions seamlessly to allow you the opportunity to enjoy every minute of the process!  We have some great blogs below by our members to help you plan your wedding.

  • June 13, 2017 4:26 PM | Cherie Ronning (Administrator)


    Nothing can make the flow of a wedding reception go more smoothly than having a professional and capable Emcee. This can be the DJ or Band Leader or an independent professional Emcee. They must work closely with the Planner or Banquet Captain, to follow the timeline, make all the introductions and announcements throughout the event.

    A great Emcee will care about the couple and the families and at all times will operate with patience, grace and a sense of style.

    The Emcee absolutely must have appropriate attire, a fabulous voice and the experience required to lead and oversee the reception itself, especially if you do not have a planner on site.

    Not hiring a band – no problem! But if you are hiring a DJ to spin your tunes and act as your Emcee, we encourage you to NOT settle for a friend using an iPod or someone you find on Craig’s List – hire a professional!

  • February 20, 2017 12:52 PM | Cherie Ronning (Administrator)

    We know, you just got engaged and your heart is a flutter. You have stars in your eyes and are beginning to plan for your wedding.

    Whether you helped pick out your ring, or your significant other did it with no help from you – lots of $ were spent on the ring. Because it is a big investment, there are some things to think about going forward.

    You should have a certified gemologist give you a written appraisal of the ring. It should spell out the 4-C’s of the ring; Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat and it should specific the metal, silver, platinum, yellow gold, rose gold, titanium etc. There will be a photo attached so that in the event of a loss there is no doubt as to the ring’s style and value.

    The appraisal from the store where purchased is usually just a statement of how much was paid for the ring; and might not be a true value of it’s worth. Hopefully while shopping for the ring, this was taken into consideration.

    Call your insurance agent and find out how to get it insured for full replacement value, and what are the limitations such as loss, damage, stolen etc.  If it went down the garbage disposal tomorrow or you left it in the airport bathroom you would want to be able to replace it. You would feel horrible if something this valuable emotionally and financially was lost or stolen, so plan ahead and get it insured.

    Wherever the ring was purchased they should have provided an informational care and maintenance brochure. This will suggest how often to get the prongs checked and how often to have it professionally cleaned. There should also be guidelines for what types of cleaning products you can use at home.

    Online there are several suggestions. We do not suggest one type of cleaning option over another, and strongly recommend you discuss with the jeweler where your ring was purchased.

    Place a ring stand or ring guard in your bathroom, on your nightstand and in the kitchen and ALWAYS place your ring on it when you remove it to shower or to do dishes. Once you get in the habit you won’t make yourself crazy looking for it when you look down and notice it is missing!

    Be sure to get the ring professionally cleaned about a week out from your wedding day, so it and you will be at your sparkly best!


  • November 13, 2016 11:19 AM | Jason Freshly (Administrator)

    ...or do you think you are getting a ring during the upcoming holidays? If so, you must be thinking about attending a wedding show or open house to start  your investigative process.  Here are some tips to help you make the most of your time and energy at a show and get the best experience from a wedding show or open house.

    Do your research 

    Ask friends and colleagues which shows they liked. Check out the shows online, or in local wedding magazines. There are different sizes and styles, and presented by various businesses. Check to see if the show producer is experienced, have their been complaints in the past about their ticketing policy, quality of Wedding Professionals,or other concerns? You don’t want to waste valuable time or money by attending a show that isn’t suited to you and your wedding style.

    If possible, attend a show in the city where you are getting married. This will help you determine the caliber of the local talent, and make your decisions easier when hiring.

    Arrive prepared

    Have a list of Wedding Professionals you think you might want to hire for your wedding. Start a list on your phone or in a small journal with each category. As you wander through the show, put the names on the list of those you liked and a brief description why. It is so hard after you get home to look through all the printed materials and remember who was who.

    Many Wedding Professionals have drawings that you may wish to enter, bring labels with your contact info: names of couple, wedding date, email, phone number, and city where you will get married. Include mailing address to receive promotional offers. This will save you time, and make it much more fun to work your way through the show.

    Bring your Mom

    And your Maid of Honor if possible - but not an entire posse! Too many people offering you too many opinions make the process very difficult. If your future spouse is interested in attending, say yes. A great way to start the planning process together.

    Ask before you take photos or video

    Don’t automatically assume that the decor ideas, cake displays, invitation samples etc., are there for you to photograph. Please be respectful. Always ask the Vendor 1st, and be sure to include their business card in the photo. These Wedding Professionals spend a lot of time and money preparing and working these shows. They are there to meet you and hopefully set an appointment with you to book them for your wedding. This is not a hobby for them, this is their livelihood.

    Be prepared to make deposits

    Some Wedding Professionals will have special offers that are only available at the show. After touring the show, go back to those you truly liked and if they have your date available (be sure that you have booked your Venue 1st), then making a deposit might be right for you. In most cases, you have a 3 day right to rescind your commitment and get a full refund, make sure to clarify that with the Vendor before signing.

    Dress comfortably, but with style

    It is a long day at a large wedding show, you will need to be hydrated, have some snacks, and be ready with a smile to chat with the Vendors. It is hard work, but can be so much fun and bring your great insights into the world of wedding planning.

    Hire a Wedding Planner!

    When you begin to see how much work it is to plan your wedding, please consider hiring a Planner. They can save you countless hours, refer you to the very best Wedding Professionals and make you feel like a guest at your own wedding. They are worth every penny you spend on their service. Again, do your research, get referrals and choose wisely. Then get ready to enjoy the process and have a lovely, relaxed and fun wedding day!

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