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How Long Is A Wedding Ceremony In A Church

How Long is a Wedding Ceremony in a Church – What is the order of a wedding ceremony?

The guests have all arrived and are gathering around. The flowers and decorations are beautiful. A sumptuous feast and the perfect party awaits. Everything on the schedule has been set up to revolve around the big moment. So, how long is a wedding ceremony in a church?

How Long is a Wedding Ceremony in a Church

There are a lot of factors that go into the length of the ceremony. Some ceremonies will be rooted in tradition and will take a set amount of time. Much of it will be up to the couple to decide. This article will explore the options for your ceremony and help you determine how long to expect the

How Long is a Wedding Ceremony in a Church
How Long is a Wedding Ceremony in a Church

ceremony to last.

Why is the Timing of the Ceremony Important?

The ceremony sets the tone for the entire evening. Having a good guess of the timing will allow the caterers to be ready and the music to be cued up and ready to go. Some guests may have special needs that require planning. If your guests are waiting or getting hungry it can create an unnecessary distraction from your perfect moment. 

What Does a Wedding Ceremony Include?

Professional wedding coordinators say this will vary from wedding to wedding. Here are the most common elements of a wedding ceremony.

  • Seating of the Guests- This can be a quick and informal announcement for everybody to gather near the altar or it can be a procession. Family members, the wedding party, and guests of honor may all walk the aisle. Often this is the time for musical performance.
  • Welcome and Readings- There is plenty of flexibility here. Traditional readings may take a set amount of time, but you skip this or consider choosing simple or shorter texts. The officiant will have a good grasp of your expectations.
  • Vows- If the wedding is following a traditional script, this will typically only take a few minutes. Self-written vows are very common and can be longer. When nervous the reader may go very fast or could get stuck and take longer than expected.
  • Kiss & Pronouncement- After the kiss, there is a pronouncement and usually some cheers from the crowd.
  • Recessional- This should be expected to take nearly as long as the processional. Make sure you also have your recessional music in order

The Perfect Length for a Ceremony

How Long is a Wedding Ceremony in a Church
How Long is a Wedding Ceremony in a Church

An average ceremony that contains all of the elements listed above will take about 30 minutes. Any longer than that can be a trial for your guests. Some families wish to get the ceremony over with quickly so they can get the party started.

The perfect length of a ceremony is tailored to the wishes of the happy couple. This can be planned in advance. Consider a day-of wedding coordinator to ensure your wedding goes smoothly as the benefits are truly worth it. How long is a wedding ceremony in a church? As long as you want it to be. When planning the ceremony, remember that there are still a lot of important traditions during the reception. Toasts, speeches, gifts, the first dance, cutting the cake. You want to set a pace that will allow your guests to enjoy the entirety of the event. Keep in mind that some will have long drives ahead of them. Now that you have planned everything out down to the minute, there is one last piece of advice; Be Flexible. The unexpected will always happen. When it does, have a good laugh and enjoy your perfect day.

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