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18 Amazing Gifts For The Groom On Wedding Day

18 Amazing Gifts for the Groom on Wedding Day

Giving a gift to your groom on your wedding day is the icing on the cake of your love story. You are one of the lucky people in the world that have found a man to share your life with so showing your appreciation to him with a gift is very romantic. As part of our hitch without a glitch series, we have compiled a list of 18 amazing gifts you can present to your groom to make his wedding day extra special. Read on for these tips.

1. Watch

A quality watch is a timeless gift that your groom can keep for the rest of his life to remember your wedding day.

18 Amazing Gifts for the Groom on Wedding Day
18 Amazing Gifts for the Groom on Wedding Day

2. Little Black Book

Take some sexy boudoir pictures before the wedding date and have them bound into a risqué little black book that your groom can be referring to often for naughty inspiration

3. Cozy Socks

Prevent your groom from getting cold feet by getting him a pair of unique groom’s socks.

4. Cufflinks

Your groom will need cufflinks for his wedding tuxedo so why not gift him a classy pair that he can keep for life?

5. Cigars

To help your groom and his boys relax before the wedding you could gift them a box of luxury cigars to smoke before the ceremony.

6. Hidden Stitches

Stich a love message in a hidden part of his clothes like on his tie or jacket. He can read this throughout the day to be reminded of your love.

7. Video Messages

Compile a video of loving messages from the people closest to your groom and send it to his phone before the ceremony. He will definitely be touched.

 8. Choose The Best Wedding Song

Surprise your groom by playing a song that has great meaning for him as your bridal march or for your first dance. This will bring tears to his eyes.

9. Scrapbook

Create a scrapbook of all your favorite memories from when you met to when he proposed and let him see it before the wedding ceremony.

10. Cologne

Get him a new scent that suits him and that he can wear for the wedding. He will always associate this scent with your wedding day.

11. Letter

Handwritten letters are the most heartfelt gift you can give your groom. Reflect on all the reasons why you love him and write this out on paper

12. Love Cards

Find 52 things about your groom that make you go gaga and have them printed on the back of a pack of playing cards for him.

13. Sentimental Art

Get a sentimental art piece framed for him and he can place it in his study or in your new home. It could be a piece of art he likes or a photo of him with loved ones.

14. Branded T-Shirt

Get him a shirt from his favorite team printed with your new family name.

18 Amazing Gifts for the Groom on Wedding Day
18 Amazing Gifts for the Groom on Wedding Day

15. Surprise Wedding Or Honeymoon

You can go all out and surprise him with a dream wedding in a holiday location. Getting married in Tahoe, for example, is easy and very romantic.

16. Tickets

Buy your groom tickets to a show he really wants to attend, for example, a concert by his favorite band.

17. Liquor

Send your groom and his groomsmen a bottle of his favorite liquor and personalized shot glasses so that they can have some liquid courage before the ceremony.

18. Choreographed Dance

Learn a choreographed dance for your groom and perform it at the reception. He will definitely appreciate the effort.

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